2022 February 2 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Something that has become more and more clear to me over the years is the necessity of standing for your principles without bringing more anger into an already volatile world. Here’s a great article on 3 ways to engage in political arguments more responsibly and constructively. This is really great advice.

Encouraging kids to become more independent isn’t exactly fashionable in many circles. Lenore Skenazy says that at school, learning helplessness is becoming normalized.

Our sense of reality is being challenged so much these days that a lot of us find ourselves wondering if we really do live in the Matrix. The Z-man does a great job of connecting the dots that show we are experiencing something approaching the Covid Matrix.

We’re entering an exciting and risky phase of history. The people are getting wise to how power-seekers and opportunists have played us for fools. James Howard Kunstler notes that the revolt has begun.

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