2022 February 17 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The way that the Canadian government is weaponizing virtually every government and monetary institution to go after people who want their freedoms back is pretty chilling. Brandon Smith warns that our choices are rapidly narrowing to separation or purge.

We shouldn’t be surprised that politicians love to take credit for things they haven’t actually done. Even so, as Jordan Schachtel puts it: The Ukraine mirage consists of Biden taking credit for stopping his own manufactured crisis.

If you’re serious about standing for your freedom, it’s time to come to grips with the fact that it will not be easy. Max Borders makes the case for learning how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

James Bovard’s take on Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s naked grab for power is worth your time. The PM’s hysteria is a cautionary tale of why government power must be checked and balanced.

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