2022 February 17 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Caleb Franz from the Profiles In Liberty podcast joins me for our regular segment. In honor of President’s Day, we talk about the most notable and infamous presidents of the U.S.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave with your eyes tightly shut and your fingers in your ears, you’ve likely noticed that a clear realignment is taking place in our society. Jeffrey A. Tucker explains how, thanks to the growing partnership between big business and big government, we are seeing a clash of the Patricians vs. the Plebeians.

What has happened to objective journalism? Not just in America but in virtually every nation? John W. DeFeo has an interesting take from the standpoint of someone has worked in newsrooms for most of his career.

Why isn’t the mainstream media talking about the economy these days? The Z-man notices that the MSM seems to have been told to drop the subject, even as storm clouds continue to gather.

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