2022 February 16 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Canada’s political class appears to be rolling the dice on their current clampdown on truckers and others seeking relief from government oppression. Tim O’Brien has a timely lesson for them regarding Newton, the Third Law of Motion, and Canadian truckers.

It’s ironic that the same people who have spent years calling for the workers of the world to unite are now terrified to see those workers unite in the name of freedom. Adam Mill spells out the reasons why they’re so afraid of the truckers who are defying the parasitic class.

Part of being a wrongthinker means being willing to question the “official story” rather than trust that the ruling class is looking out for our interests. Caitlin Johnstone does a masterful job of explaining the official story and why it’s so often disconnected from reality.

Geopolitics can be impossibly complicated. Having said that, the Z-man has a great summary of the bigger picture and why reality always wins.


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