2022 February 14 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Hard as it may be to believe, there are still people defending the lockdowns. Jeffrey A. Tucker has an excellent article that explains exactly why these folks are trying to defend the indefensible.

You know what’s worse than rapidly rising inflation? Government rushing to our rescue with antitrust laws and price controls. Kat Dwyer spells out how scapegoating inflation will only make it worse.

The oligarchy’s response to the freedom convoy bodes ill for those oligarchs. Roger Kimball explains how the threats of the ruling class are an indicator of impotence rather than strength.

Here’s a quick truth bomb: most of the world’s problems are caused by people who think that they know how other people should live. Lew Rockwell describes how the political class is currently waging a number of wars on red states and why we need secession on the table as a possible remedy.

What was the genesis for the worldwide lockdowns two years ago? Here’s a lengthy but very worthwhile explanation of how the Chinese Communist Party got the ball rolling with a massive social media campaign in Italy. Once Italy was on the bandwagon, the rest of the world followed.

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