2022 February 14 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Are you getting dizzy from how quickly the “science” has spun in a completely different direction? Considering who’s doing the spinning, it’s clear that we’re experiencing¬†election year science in Amnesia nation. Can we be convinced to forget the lies of those who tried to break out spirits these past two years?

It can be hard to recognize a truly historical moment when you’re in the midst of it. What’s happening right now in Canada is a perfect example.¬†Here’s a great article from Giles Hoffman who is on the ground with the freedom truckers.

The problem with our system of innumerable laws is that it tends to create criminals where there were none before. Lenore Skenazy has the stunning story of a mom facing years in prison for letting her 14 year old babysit her siblings.¬†Skenazy says it shouldn’t be a crime to let your teen babysit.

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