2022 February 11 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

As unpleasant as the thought may be, we have a serious moment of decision approaching. Will America experience our authoritarian moment? Or will we successfully defy the power-seekers who are trying to impose it?

As fantastical as it may sound, the official effort to slam the door shut on free speech has ramped up immensely in the past few days. Kyle Shideler explains how the Dept. of Homeland Security has just been converted into the American thought police.

All of us have paid a price for the unconscionable lockdowns and their economic destruction. Annie Holmquist points out that there may be a silver lining of a return to single income families.

Cancel culture has never been about righting actual wrongs. Kit Knightly explains how what’s happening to Joe Rogan shows us the real purpose of cancel culture–to intimidate the rest of us into chanting in unison.

Will there be justice for the millions who have suffered under Covid-19 tyranny? That’s a question looming large for many of us. The MSM isn’t talking about it but an international group of attorneys has convened a grand jury to investigate Covid-19 crimes against humanity. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

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