2022 Feb 3 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It’s taken far too long but the truth is becoming impossible to deny. From a public health standpoint, the lockdowns not only weren’t necessary but they imposed enormous economic and social costs as well. A new study out of Johns Hopkins confirms what so many have warned about over the past two years.

It seems like there are endless calls right now for people to “get boosted” for their own good. Here’s one that I intend to act upon. Jeff Minnick suggests taking a liberty booster to help relieve stress and restore sanity.

Caleb Franz is the host of Profiles in Liberty and he joins me for what will be a regular segment regarding his latest episode. Today he shares the remarkable story of Frederick Douglass meeting with his former master after he was no longer a slave.

You can tell a lot about how much impact a person is having by the intensity of their opposition. If this is true, then Joe Rogan must be having major impact. The White House and the Surgeon General have called for Spotify to “deal with” Rogan. David Harsanyi says government has no business rooting out and flagging “misinformation” on our behalf.

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