2022 Feb 1 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

I know we’re supposed to regard mandatory national service as a privilege and the price to pay for living in a “free country”, right? Read that sentence again. James Bovard asks will politicians revive American slavery?

The courage of a relatively small number of truckers is infecting many thousands of people around them. Ron Paul says what many are thinking: We’re all Canadian truckers now!

For those who may be tempted to turn their erudite noses up at a bunch of working class folks making a stand for their natural rights to make medical decisions for themselves, here’s a quick dose of reality. Heather Heyer lays out how the elitists may be missing the reason that people are proud to be Canadian again.

Here’s an interesting concept: Is love a skill that can be taught? Paul Rosenberg’s essay on teaching children how to love is worth a read. It’s useful advice for all of us.

You’ve likely heard the news that Modern’s vaccine has been approved by the FDA. Jordan Schachtel wonders why it’s still not available to Americans and why it’s not scrutinized for omicron. Is there a shell game afoot?

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