2022 Dec 8 The Bryan Hyde Show

For a guy who thinks he’s the personification of “science,” Dr. Fauci sure has a tough time recalling what he did or didn’t do about lockdowns. Phil Magness and James R. Harrington have a marvelous breakdown of forgetful Fauci’s deposition and how all those lies are hard to keep straight.

Corporate media is playing the ain’t-no-thang/nothing burger card over the release of the Twitter files. David Harsanyi has a great explanation of why Elon Musk’s Twitter files matter when it comes to trusting the media.

If you get the sense that we are being steered inexorably toward greater tyranny, you’re not alone. Edward Ring has an enlightening take on the tyranny of the minority and how they are getting above us.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to zoom out for the view from 30,000 feet. Doug Casey has a great bigger picture explanation of the current struggle between the forces of centralization and decentralization.

Here’s another milepost on the highway to Bizarro World, actor Kirk Cameron can’t get a single story hour booking for his new (wholesome) childrens book at public libraries across the nation. Why do you suppose that is?

The Supreme Court case of the Colorado webpage designer who refuses to create pages for same-sex weddings is causing quite a stir. Here’s another angle on how this case may affect the free market.


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