2022 Dec 7 The Bryan Hyde Show

The Supreme Court is hearing a case involving a wedding website designer who does not wish to create sites for same-sex weddings. Jacob Hornberger clarifies that this is not a free speech issue, it’s a property rights issue.

WARNING: This is a supremely disturbing subject to consider. To even talk about it feels like fear-mongering, yet I believe it’s too important to downplay. An invisible prison is being constructed for each of us. And we will choose whether or not to step into it.

Science has improved many aspects of our lives in too many ways to count. At the same time, as Robert Arvay warns, we are headed for a dark age in science thanks to its partnership with political power.

The pettiness that was the hallmark of the lockdown mindset is still with us. Why else would Virginia police go after a restaurant owner for violating the 2020 covid mandates? Where is the victim?

The FTX fiasco is providing opponents of cryptocurrency a real I-told-you-so moment. Max Borders deconstructs the “Crypto Bad!” argument and explains why it may yet be a legitimate exit from our current corrupted monetary system.


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