2022 Dec 6 The Bryan Hyde Show

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos is my guest and we’ll get his reaction to the Twitter files, automotive news and other relevant current events.

At the heart of some of the most reprehensible policies being suggested around the globe, is the desire to drastically reduce the human population. Antony Davies has an excellent respose to the Malthusian contradiction and makes a solid case that humans are the solution rather than the problem.

One more indicator of the inverted reality in which we live is the case of a NY woman who is facing the possibility of years in prison for injuring 9 BLM protestors in 2020. It raises some interesting questions about what you should do when BLM attacks you in your car.

The things we’re learning about the way Twitter executives fought to suppress truths for political purposes are deeply disturbing. Ron Paul says the good news is that they are revealing the totalitarians among us.

The chances of corporate media admitting they were wrong are somewhere between fat and slim. Victor Davis Hanson wonders, how corrupt is a corrupt media and why should we believe anything they say?


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