2022 Dec 30 The Bryan Hyde Show

If you’re serious about maintaining your freedom, you must know what came before you. Robert E. Wright explains how freedom’s future requires understanding the past.

The people who seek to rule us want us to believe that this is the system the founders intended. Jacob Hornberger begs to differ. He describes his favorite period in American history and demonstrates just how far we’ve strayed from authentic freedom.

There are some perks about working from home as well as some serious drawbacks. Todd Hayen takes a closer look at the trend and how fun at home may be part of a larger plan to keep us contained.

Drag queen story hour may seem like a good old fashioned moral panic to some, but to many of us, it’s a clear indicator that our society is in decline. Even so, it’s encouraging how many people turned out for Kirk Cameron’s library reading recently.

Wondering what to watch for in the coming year? Doug Casey shares his #1 speculation for 2023: keep your eye on the push for central bank digital currencies.

The different names we give each generation tend to divide us. Vincent McCaffrey suggests that when naming the names we name ourselves, we might consider some rebranding.

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