2022 Dec 16 The Bryan Hyde Show

The left/right paradigm leaves a lot to be desired. At the same time, there are some notable differences. Brandon Smith says leftists aren’t capable of surviving an economic collapse and he explains why.

The battle over free speech isn’t just about keep Twitter a safe place for collectivist ideology. More and more we’re seeing attempts to equate free speech with violence, including blaming it for mass shootings.

Every so often, a news story comes along that perfectly illustrates how much our society has changed. Jon Miltimore shares the disturbing tale of how child services is telling a mother that her children can’t play outside by themselves.

The recently passed Respect for Marriage Act is looking more and more like retaliation by woke activists than something that protects a foundational institution. Trevor Thomas points out that it’s also a test of sorts for who will embrace truth and who will reject it.

The pressuring of the unvaxxed has not ended. It has merely shifted. Case in point, a new study out of Canada claims that unvaccinated people are more likely to be reckless and to cause traffic accidents. Time to raise their insurance rates.


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