2022 August 3 The Bryan Hyde Show

Being awake and aware of what’s happening to our freedoms can be painful, to put it mildly. Martin Geddes warns that it’s still preferable to the agony that is coming for those who remain asleep.

One of the hardest parts of having opened your eyes is the constant sense that you’re nearly alone in what you’re seeing. Heather Heying says, you are not alone–really and truly, you’re not.

Understanding the world around us has never been about having all the right answers. It’s a matter of asking the right questions. Paul Rosenberg wonders, have you asked an interesting question today?

It’s a treat to find a well-worded assessment of what’s going on in the big picture. Christopher Chantrill makes a strong case for the need to establish a moral ascendancy by finding our moral backbones.

One of the biggest lessons of the past couple of years has been the necessity of questioning what the “experts” are saying about anything. Tom Woods has some timely thoughts on our so-called expert class.


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