2022 August 25 The Bryan Hyde Show

The opportunity to shine a light into the darkness can take many different forms. Allan Stevo shares a great example of his encounter with an overzealous Trader Joe’s manager on the topics of covid and religion.

Part of getting a solid self reliance program in place is figuring out a way to cook your meals if the utilities were shut off. Zoey Sky has a helpful list of 19 ways to cook without electricity.

As the war on reality escalates, we have our work cut out for us. Doug Casey has some relevant thoughts on propaganda, changing language and thought crimes.

When it comes to having a solid grasp on world history, Pat Buchanan is tough to beat. Given our nation’s belligerent foreign policy, Buchanan wonders, is autocracy America’s mortal enemy?

The elephant in the room that almost no one wants to acknowledge is the noticeable uptick in unexplained deaths (i.e. NOT covid) in the past year or so. Alexandra Bruce says a major insurance report shows a massive increase in deaths since the vax was introduced.


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