2022 August 17 The Bryan Hyde Show

Trying to quantify the amount of official mischief done by government, it’s hard to know where to start. J.B. Shurk does a great job of describing the scope of the problem as well as why the lust for global domination will fail.

I remain a climate change skeptic. Not because the climate isn’t changing. It is. But like Frank Liberato, I believe that we are not planet-controlling gods. We’re merely Earth’s stewards.

A quick glance around us should reinforce the idea that the world needs grown-ups. Paul Rosenberg explains how we have abandoned adulthood and how it’s come back to bite us.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that this nation was founded as a middle finger to tyranny. Lauren Ferrell says it’s time to get back to those roots–this is the hill to die on.

This is going to be a painful realization for some but it needs to be said. Our society may be fractured beyond repair. Pat Buchanan wonders, how, when, do we come together again? His answer is worth considering.

With the IRS arming up and drastically increasing its size, it sure looks like they’re getting ready to go to war on the taxpayers. Jeff Thomas says this likely means the end of tax havens throughout the world as well.


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