2022 August 10 The Bryan Hyde Show

The FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home has been the catalyst to a number of differing reactions. Jordan Schachtel has a particularly good take. He says, with this politically-motivated raid, we don’t have to keep pretending the regime is legit any longer.

Those whose eyes have recently opened are experiencing a real shock at how corrupted our governing systems have become. As Paul Rosenberg points out, Thomas Jefferson’s warnings were well founded.

In the same way that our legacy media considers itself to be missionaries teaching the woke gospel to the savages, I try to think of myself as a missionary of liberty. Jeffrey A. Tucker has a great checklist of the dos and don’ts of talking liberty.

I’m as sick of hearing about Jan 6 as you likely are. Even so, Paul Sperry says we need to keep calling out the lies and damned lies of the Jan 6 committee. These are the folks painting a target on our backs as they try to consolidate power.


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