2022 April 8 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

If you find yourself obsessing over Russia, it’s very possible that the official propaganda has sunk its hooks into your mind. Caitlin Johnstone explains how U.S. officials admit they’re literally just lying to us about Russia.

U.S. policymakers want to believe that they’re the good guys. At the same time, their actions are not those of good guys. Pepe Escobar says that’s why they’re willing to sit back and watch Europe commit suicide. Some hard truths here.

Right now it’s fashionable to view everything that came before us as wrong. Jonathan Barnes puts that myth to rest as he explains that there is greatness in our past–despite what critical theorists try to tell us.

One of life’s biggest missed opportunities is when we summarily dismiss people who hold differing viewpoints. Christine Black makes a compelling case that the urge to shame, purge, exclude and dismiss others diminishes us.

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