2022 April 6 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Are members of the ruling class so wicked that they’d start a war to cover up their crimes against humanity? I know how I’d answer that question. Brandon J. Weichart says for the great reset to succeed, the elite need World War III.

If you’re going to tell a lie, you might as well make it a whopper. Kit Knightly explains how the latest spin about Biden’s “booming economy” is just another front in the media’s war on reality.

If you’ve ever wondered whether your possessions own you, all you have to do is pack up for a move. Daniel Lattier asks, is “stuff” paralyzing today’s children? If you’re considering a purge, this is a great read.

It may seem harsh to point out how so many people are being psychologically manipulated by the power centers of our time. Still, Boyd Cathey makes a strong case regarding Ukraine and the zombiefication of America. We’d be wise to be cautious.

We have been boldly lied to by the political class and the media for so long that it seems normal to us. James Howard Kunstler has a brutal, but factual, rundown of our current mass formation psychosis.

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