2022 April 29 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The more I consider whether NATO has outlived its usefulness, the more I’m seeing that this may be true. Walter Block fills in some of the noticeable blanks in the dominant narrative regarding NATO and nuclear war.

The Ministry of Truth was purely a fictional dystopian institution until this week. Jon Miltimore connects the dots on Biden’s new “disinformation governance board” and Orwell’s Minitrue.

You’ve probably noticed how the people most concerned with tolerance always seem to be the ones least capable of demonstrating it. Kent McManigal says tolerance shouldn’t be used to justify censorship.

The president’s recent slip about how kids in the classroom aren’t really their parents’ children was revealing. Laura J. Wellington says what’s even worse is what’s happening with parents, health care and children’s privacy.

What’s the antidote to the suffering and malevolence of life? Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has a viable answer.

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