2022 April 29 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

I appreciate those who can formulate a concise and compelling defense of the biological reality of men and women. It’s risky in woke times. Annie Holmquist says, trust the science and skip the gender-neutral toys and clothes.

If you’re weary of walking on eggshells to avoid micro-aggressing against the woke, take heart. El Gato Malo has a great take on how the social justice left is overplaying its hand in its quest to limit free speech.

Great stories stay with us and help us remember what matters most. Larry Reed’s story of a man who was honest when no one was looking is a solid reminder of why our personal character matters.

Getting serious about thinking clearly and independently requires being willing to admit you’re wrong or that you don’t know something. The Good Citizen takes a deep dive into our blind spots.

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