2022 April 27 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Is the U.S. obligated to go to war with Russia if a NATO nation is attacked? Jacob Hornberger reminds us that the NATO treaty has not amended the Constitution.

Maybe it’s just a rumor. But the prospect of food shortages is not something to take lightly. Kit Knightly lays out 5 signs that the power brokers are creating a food crisis.

The propaganda machines that are working so hard to shape public opinion are very skilled at what they do. Caitlin Johnstone says everyone’s anti-war until the war propaganda starts.

There comes a point where following current events can become an obsession. Walker Larson has a workable antidote for when you’re overwhelmed by news headlines.

When a culture is in decline, it’s common to see desperate attempts to find meaning. Wokeness is a good example of this. Paul Rosenberg explains why the woke movement is our problem to fix.

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