2022 April 26 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

I’m pretty sure that all of us have heard the “You’re part of this family and need to pitch in” speech at one time or another. Paul Rosenberg explains why children must learn to work.

It’s not hard to see that politics is downstream from culture. But few people think to ask, what’s culture downstream from? Deborah C. Tyler has some answers worth considering.

Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter has been accepted. Will we see meaningful change in how Twitter operates? Jordon Schachtel is optimistic that Musk is poised to make Twitter great again.

Here’s the hard truths portion of today’s program. If you’re brave enough to question the official narratives, James Howard Kunstler does a great job outlining the shocks to the system we’re currently experiencing.

The siren song is getting louder to entice us to trade away liberty for convenience. Mason Lawlor warns us to resist the carrot and the steady slide into a cashless society.

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