2022 April 22 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The authorities who oversaw the covid response ended up creating something much worse than the virus. Jordan Schachtel explains why we are witnessing the death throes of the “public health expert

Why is the CDC trying to put a mask back on your face? Jeffrey A. Tucker says the ruling class is having a long overdue encounter with the reality that we do not trust them.

The contempt that the ruling class feels for the common people is usually hidden behind a paternalistic mask. As Kit Knightly explains, that mask has been slipping lately. Like the Rhode Island lawmakers who want to punish the parents of unvaxxed children.

Opposition to the growing fixation on gender identity and politics in our government schools isn’t based in hatred toward an oppressed minority. As Betsy McCaughey explains, it’s because¬†there are powerful arguments to keep “trans ed” out of our schools.


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