2022 April 22 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The current Fourth Turning is getting pretty spicy. And the heat is only going to increase from here. Dr. Donald W. Miller says America in the 2020s is in its most dangerous decade.

Why do some folks cling so desperately to the concept of mask mandates? Dan Sanchez does a good job of breaking this issue down to the essence of what’s at stake: It’s not about keeping you safe, it’s about reminding you who’s boss.

Is the common sense of the American people beginning to overtake the gaslighting and lies of the political class and their narrative managers? Ron Wright says a great reset is coming with the midterm elections, but it won’t be the reset the elite are expecting.

What makes the political class so dangerous right now is that they are operating from a position of weakness. Duggan Flanakin says we are witnessing the last gasps of poseur politics.

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