2022 April 20 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The mask hysteria that has been imposed on us for the past two years has thankfully come to an end. Jordan Schachtel has written a eulogy for the mask cult and summed up the lessons learned.

None of us wants to believe that we could be easily manipulated by professional propagandists. If you’re brave enough to put that to the test, The Good Citizen has an excellent essay on the enemy of my enemies that’s very instructive.

Once upon a time, Disney was one of the few brands that represented family-friendly entertainment that was safe for kids of all ages. Check out the confessions of a Disney writer who has witnessed its “woke” change firsthand.

One of the most basic functions of legitimate government is to ensure that justice prevails. As Julie Kelly reports, the treatment of the January 6 political prisoners has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with punishing political enemies.

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