2022 April 19 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

If you’re serious about being a good parent, you’ve got be okay with failing occasionally. Paul Rosenberg describes the epiphanies of childhood and how to help your child make the discoveries that encourage personal greatness.

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate Dan Sanchez’s take on pretty much everything. His essay on a stress-free way to get children to do chores and become responsible is great advice.

Today is Patriots’ Day and Robert E. Wright has an essay that should bring a smile to the face of anyone familiar with the writings of Frederick Douglass. He asks, What, to the classical liberal, is Patriots’ Day?

Feeling brave? If you’re willing to face some daunting truths about who is so intent on controlling your thinking, check out this article by Rebecca Strong on big media, big conflicts of interest and the illusion of choice.

Next time you’re standing in line at the DMV to pay for the privilege of using your own property, take note of how much we’re treated like cattle. Dr. Robert Malone spells out how techno-facism, techno-feudalism and indentured servitude are being normalized.

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