2022 April 15 Liberty Moms with host Kris Kimball

Kris Kimball interviews Rep Phil Lyman about his Tribune op-ed that ended up being published for a total of 3 hours before the Tribune self-censored and labeled his op-ed as transphobic. The hypocrisy was thick when they said that using the word transgender, was transphobic. Yet Planned Parenthood has an entire website dedicated to “Transgender Identity Terms and Labels.” Visit www.lymanforutah.com to read the op-ed for yourself. The Tribune has decided his thoughtful and informative approach to the trans-athlete issue was misinformation and doesn’t want you to read it.

In the 2nd ½ of the podcast Kris highlights Good Friday and how the left wants us to “pass on God.” The NYT published an anti-God article on Good Friday. She takes a look at modern Christianity and our worship of God. Do we really seek Him for the refuge and safety he can provide from this gross dark world? Have we made Him our rock, our fortress and our shield? Or have we looked to men and governments to provide us with safety?

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