2022 April 14 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Caleb Franz from the Profiles in Liberty podcast joins me to talk about Thomas Jefferson, whose birthday was yesterday. Lovers of liberty owe Jefferson a significant debt of gratitude.

Politicians are quite skilled at pretending things are not so bad. But deep down, most of us know that something is wrong. J.B. Shurk has a handy list of ten steps to totalitarianism that confirms what we’re feeling.

Have we really reached the point where the nuclear family has become obsolete? Sarah Weaver cautions against the dystopian future where women and men just don’t want children.

Word on the street is that a new and deadly form of bird flu is wiping out millions of chickens in America. Kit Knightly reminds us to remember that the people hitting the panic button are the same ones who distorted and hyped the Covid stats.

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