2022 April 11 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The growing geopolitical unrest can seem overwhelming at times. That’s when it’s helpful to remember that every earthly conflict is based in a war that we almost never hear about–a spiritual war that has always existed.

One of my favorite sources of timeless truths is The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. M.B. Matthews has a great take on how Screwtape comes to America.

Once again, the FBI has put a highly contrived case of “anti-government extremism” before the American public, only to see their case fall flat before jurors. Roger Kimball explains why justice has been and will be a long time coming.

Disney is getting a lot of publicity right now, and only some of it is favorable. Thomas L. Knapp delves into beauty and the culture war beast: how buycott beats boycott.

How long should you continue to believe or trust the kinds of people who would lie to you over and over again. John Stossel recounts a number of stories that were covered up by big media and big tech and he wonders, where’s the reckoning?

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