2022 April 1 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Something to keep in mind about the folks insisting that we join the 2 minutes hate against all things Russian is that these are the same folks who lied to us about almost everything for the past 5 years. Caitlin Johnstone says their ultimate target isn’t Russia, it’s China.

The men engaging in global gamesmanship want us to believe they’ve got it all under control. The Z-man says, not so fast. History shows the folly of such thinking time after time.

Not to add to your anxieties, but power-seekers prefer that we live in a state of perpetual crisis. Paul Krause spells out what the forever crises are really about and why we should reject the fear peddling.

Finding freedom in an increasingly unfree world is getting harder. Max Borders reports on an encouraging development in which a Native American tribe hopes to colonize the world with digital freedom.

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