2021 September 7 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Eric Peters is back to talk about cars, motorcycles and current events with a clear, uncompromising freedom perspective. We talk about French police beating people suspected of being unvaccinated, the growing microchip shortage and the need to be self reliant.

Not trying to start trouble here but why are we not supposed to know about or discuss ivermectin? Monica Showalter takes apart the latest narrative that rural rubes are poisoning themselves in large numbers by taking veterinary medicine. It’s not only distorted, it’s flat out false. And people wonder why trust in the media is tanking.

Because of the blatant gaslighting and mental conditioning that drives so much of our mass media, it’s important to unplug every so often to break the trance. Edward Curtin has an excellent essay on the incantational bewitchment of propaganda. If you’ve been working to break a fear porn addiction, this is some great food for thought.

I see validity in the Fourth Turning model and its historical cycles. If you want a detailed but highly condensed explanation of this approach to history as well as what’s currently playing out economically, Dr. Shanon Brooks has an enlightening essay on The Shrinking Hegemon: a fourth turning reality.

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