2021 September 30 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It’s not uncommon to hear people describe our current overlapping crises as being part of a massive psy-op being orchestrated by the people in power. Given how many of us are feeling the strain on our mental health lately, that raises some interesting questions. Robert Freudenthal warns that psychiatry will not save us from lockdown harm. In fact, it may become a useful tool for isolating the non-compliant.

The videos and images coming out of Australia don’t bode well for the future of freedom there. James Bolt says Zero Covid has torn Australia apart. He says the writing is on the wall for anyone who has the courage to raise their eyes: This isn’t about learning how to safely live with a particular virus, it’s about learning how to live under authoritarian rule.

What trait do many of the greatest human beings who have ever lived have in common? All of them discovered who they were by running away for a time. Paul Rosenberg explains how facing the world on our own can be of pivotal importance in helping us learn who we really are.

Has there ever been a time when the people burning books were on the right side of history? I only ask because YouTube is aggressively engaging in the outright censorship of any dissenting viewpoint on the Covid vaccine. Someone doesn’t trust us to sort these ideas out and decide for ourselves.

It sure seems as though many First World nations are combining the worst elements of “1984” with “Brave New World” with just a dash of “Fahrenheit 451” thrown in for fun. Doug Casey suggests 3 ways you can opt out of the rising insanity. They’re well worth considering.

A little humor makes it possible to get through tough times. JP Sears to the rescue! His latest video on 12 reasons NOT to speak up is well worth a few minutes of your time.

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