2021 September 28 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me to talk about the ongoing battle to reclaim and retain our freedoms. Will we ever see an end to the mask mandates? We also discuss new car options that aren’t but ought to be.

Think about how difficult it is to get a factual take on current events and then consider the chilling effect on free speech if government officials were to designate investigative journalists as mere “information brokers.” This is the chilling precedent that the U.S. government has wished to establish by either kidnapping, imprisoning or assassinating people like Julian Assange and Glenn Greenwald.

Remember how we learned that “information is power” when we were kids? Sometimes that’s true in ways that aren’t so good or noble. For instance, California has passed and signed into law a bill that will let so-called “violence prevention researchers” know the names and addresses of every law-abiding gun owner in the state. No one would ever abuse that kind of information, would they?

The problems confronting us can seem overwhelming and partisanship can cause us to lose perspective. Emina Elonic reminds us that the single biggest battle that any of us will win is the one in which we find the courage to be good. Historically, this is the dynamic that has led people out of tyranny.

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