2021 September 27 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

I often wish I had the perfect answer to questions that arise when discussing controversies like Covid. But it’s a complicated subject and it’s not easy to keep all the facts and figures straight in your head. That’s why you’ll appreciate this handy dandy 30 fact crib sheet from Kit Knightly with a collection of all the arguments you’ll need to know.

I know our plates are pretty full with the pandemic, economic troubles and political unrest right now. Here’s one more thing to keep you awake at night. Researchers are warning of a potential “solar super storm” that could knock out the internet for months at a time. If you want an unflinching but scientific take on what’s happening with the sun, I highly recommend subscribing to Suspicious Observors YouTube channel for daily updates.

I used to dread going to the airport because of the extreme authoritarian mindset that has taken hold there. Nowadays, I’m starting to feel the same about hospitals. Kerry McDonald has an excellent article about how extreme Covid policies are causing some pregnant women to take a serious look at homebirth. And that’s a good thing.


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