2021 September 27 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

One of the most common challenges that defenders of freedom encounter is the difficulty in helping others understand that we have been moving steadily toward tyranny. It’s not just a matter of where we’re headed. Caitlin Johnstone says one of the biggest issues is that people don’t understand how unfree we already are.

Our colleges and universities have been proving grounds for politically correct thought and social justice warriors for decades. It’s not terribly surprising that many campuses have proven to be extremely authoritarian in their Covid policies as well. Michael Tracy says, watch out, academia is establishing a permanent surveillance bureaucracy that will soon govern the rest of the country.

People who thrive on centralized power are among the loudest and most insistent proponents of telling others to “follow the science.” Sheldon Richman warns that mixing science and the state is a sure way to get coercive policies that feed the government-“science” complex and its harmful orthodoxies.


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