2021 September 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

I hope I’m not the only one who has concerns that the challenges ahead of us might spiral out of control. Paul Rosenberg says, don’t stress about a Mad Max future. He says if a collapse is ahead, it will likely lead to better things, in the long run.

Is it bad that many of the people I admire most include those who refuse to go along with authoritarian demands? Hannah Cox has a surprisingly encouraging essay on 4 ways Americans are fighting back against anti-science Covid restrictions. What’s more American than good old fashioned civil disobedience?

Watching the totalitarian crackdown taking place in Australia, I hear commentator after commentator asking “How did it come to this?” and I realize how fortunate we are to have not had our guns taken away. Michael Warren Davis is even more blunt. He says, thank God for rednecks and their refusal to bend the knee.

Our deteriorating social and political conditions are causing many people to consider, for the first time, the possibility of removing themselves from the control of the political class. Doug Casey shares his top 3 actionable tips on how you can get out of Dodge while there’s still time.

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