2021 September 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Most of us have found ourselves at odds with someone in our lives who takes a different stance on the vaccine issue. James Kullander’s “Letter to My Vaccinated Friend” is one of the most powerful things I’ve read in a while. It perfectly describes the situation so many of us are facing.

With all the differing viewpoints competing for our allegiance, it’s not surprising that we struggle to know what to believe. Caitlin Johnstone reminds us that we won’t be free until our minds are free and that’s a decision that each of us must make for ourselves.

If you openly express your support for limiting the power over government to intrude into your life, that’s a sure sign that you’re a criminal to some folks. Charles C.W. Cooke sets the record straight and explains why, no, you don’t have to be a criminal to want to limit government.

Just when you wonder how much harder they could grab for additional power, the Biden administration is pushing for an IRS reporting requirement for any bank account with yearly transactions over $600. James Bovard spells out how this proposed policy might be used as a wrecking ball for financial privacy.


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