2021 September 22 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Michelle North is the Gift of Freedom committee leader benefiting Operation Underground Railroad. She and her husband Kish join me to talk about an upcoming fundraising event in Provo, Utah to help stop human trafficking. She can be reached at: gof.mnorth@gmail.com

Voluntary cooperation is the greatest tool for solving human problems. Unfortunately, totalitarians don’t like to leave those kinds of choices in your hands. As Barry Brownstein explains, totalitarians promote hatred over differences because it keeps us divided and easier to manipulate.

The kinds of political and cultural divisions we’re seeing right now aren’t something that’s going to be rectified through voting. Jeff Deist has a fascinating take on the prospects for soft secession in America as a way of easing conflict and promoting greater cooperation.

Thrift used to be one of the core values of a free and self-reliant people. But somehow it’s been strangled out of existence. Paul Rosenberg answers the question of why it is so hard to save money and how thrift has been destroyed.

If you openly express your support for limiting the power over government to intrude into your life, that’s a sure sign that you’re a criminal to some folks. Charles C.W. Cooke sets the record straight and explains why, no, you don’t have to be a criminal to want to limit government.

The most disturbing aspect of American mainstream media’s lack of objectivity is that so many outlets still pretend that they are upright and objective reporters of fact, rather than deceptive partisan shills. The editorial staff at Issues & Insights says Americans need a new media, and that’s something you and I can help make happen.

Most of us have found ourselves at odds with someone in our lives who takes a different stance on the vaccine issue. James Kullander’s “Letter to My Vaccinated Friend” is one of the most powerful things I’ve read in a while. It perfectly describes the situation so many of us are facing.

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