2021 September 20 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Right now, a lot of experts are weighing in on nearly every aspect of our lives. None of them can judge as accurately what is personally best for you like you can. Art Carden explains that, as nice as it is to have access to people with legit expertise, those experts can still fail–even when they’re right.

A curious pattern is emerging whenever the rich and powerful get together to celebrate. They remain maskless while those who serve them must be masked. Brad Polumbo says forget AOC’s dress, the real scandal is the inequality of lockdown life.

If you’re serious about not being deceived, pay close attention to inexplicable changes in our language by those who are seeking greater power and control. Brian Wilson explains one of the more recent examples of medical Orwellian Newspeak.

Someone has dialed up the difficulty level of life. We’re all feeling it. Allan Stevo says it’s a reason to take heart. You are being tempered for tougher battles ahead. And that is a reason for optimism.

Here’s a refreshing change of pace. What if all those crazy, authoritarian mandates had a silver lining for those who were willing to claim their freedom and autonomy?

The “J6” rally in Washington D.C. over the weekend turned out to be Glow Fest instead with innumerable undercover police and federal agents. Brian C. Joondeph ponders, what if the FBI threw an ‘insurrection’ and nobody came?

For decades now, climate change has been used to justify the expansion of government control into nearly every area of our lives. Low-flow showerheads and toilets and detergents that don’t really clean are just a few examples of this. Jeff Minnick warns that the next major power grab will be forced on us in the name of controlling the climate. Of course it will really be about controlling us.

A pragmatic friend who got the vaccine early on has told me that, with the kinds of questions now arising, he’d likely have held off if given that choice today. Dr. Ted Noel M.D. says “Let me ‘splain it for you,” vaccines don’t keep you from getting infected by a virus.


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