2021 September 17 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

One of the toughest things to contemplate is that we’re just going to have to get used to things being different than before. Find the time to read this entire speech given by James George Jatras. He takes an unflinching look at how it’s later than we think as well as offering three practical things we can do about it.

The word anarchy strikes fear in the hearts of people who associate it with bomb-throwing extremists and the law of the jungle. But that’s not what the word actually means at all. Isaac Morehouse points out that it’s weird not to want anarchy–once you understand what it actually is.

Is there any type of therapy for the current madness we’re experiencing? Robert Weissberg explains how today’s political insanity could well be called Compulsive Destructive Disorder (CDD) and should have a place in the mental health DSM.

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