2021 September 15 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The California recall election took place yesterday and it appears that Gavin Newsom has survived to serve the remaining year or so of his term. Allan Stevo reports that change is coming to California, nevertheless. When public officials begin hiding from their constituencies, they’re definitely reaching the end of their legitimacy.

Hurrah for equality! We’re drawing ever closer to the reality that everyone–including our daughters—will be required to register for the draft. Lawrence M. Vance reminds us that outrage over drafting women to send to war may be distracting us from the immorality of conscription itself.

How can a sense of victimhood be used to radicalize a populace into embracing genocidal policies? Dr. Jordan Petersen explains how those who frame themselves as victims use their status as justification for rejecting right and wrong.

Why would people choose to identify as a victim? Jeff Minnick explains that, for many, the siren song of victimhood is irresistible because it relieves them of any personal responsibility for changing their circumstances. He suggests throwing our victimhood in the trash.

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