2021 September 1 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

It’s bad enough that every place where we interact with government is becoming a compliance checkpoint for various Covid mandates. Now businesses are following suit and Allan Stevo has some helpful advice on how to meet this challenge head on and turn it in your favor.

A healthy sense of skepticism is a good thing. Especially when people or institutions are demanding you do things “for your own good.” Liam Cosgrove has a fascinating take on regulatory capture in the age of Covid-19. He also has some great information on Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid.

One of the reasons so many people still view the state as their primary problem-solver is that they’ve been trained to do so since around age 5. Kent McManigal reminds us that a great many of our current problems are the result of state interference, not a matter of too little government.

Here’s some promising news: A Harvard epidemiologist is citing a newly published medical study that shows natural immunity in those who’ve had Covid provides stronger and longer-lasting protection against the virus. Jon Miltimore explains that this means vaccine passports are not necessary.


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