2021 October 5 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

If you’ve questioned your sanity at any time during the past 20 months, it’s time you learned the truth: the biggest battle being waged right now is the one for your mind. John Whitehead has some timely advice. He says to find freedom from fear, you’ve got to stop playing the government’s mind games.

One of the great things about gigantic, bloated $3.5 trillion spending bills is that you can hide a lot of favors in them for your friends and enablers. Adam Guilette shines a light on how hidden in the latest spending bill is a journalism “tax credit” that will make many members of the media paid agents of the state.

Seems as though racism and climate change are the biggest problems facing humanity. Robert E. Wright has a recommendation to reduce both of them in one step. Take government out of the equation.

Would hospitals really be firing medical personnel if this was an authentic pandemic and they were legitimately overwhelmed? Dr. Martin Kulldorff explains why hospitals should be hiring, not firing nurses with natural immunity.

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