2021 October 28 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It’s not hard to understand why people may feel deep discouragement about where things seem to be headed. I’ve heard several older people say things like, “I’m glad I won’t live to see it.” Paul Rosenberg has a great reminder that the sooner productive people understand what’s going on, the faster the fall and reset will be.

The battle over the amount of influence that parents may have on their child’s public school curriculum is intensifying. Kerry McDonald has a beautiful rebuttal to a Washington Post editorial that asserts that parents have no right to shape their kids’ curriculum.

The fact that federal law enforcement is mobilizing to address the “threat” of parents disagreeing with the imposition of far left social justice programs in their public schools, is more than a little disturbing. Mark R. Schneider has an excellent article that asks if parents are a national security risk.

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