2021 October 27 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

One of the more curious trends of the current “woke” movement is the pressure to only cast actors who have authentically lived the experience of the characters they play. Maren Thom asks whether the culture war over politically correct casting is limiting artistic freedom.

There’s little doubt that we are standing at a crossroads these days in regards to what kind of nation we will be as we move forward. Jacob Hornberger from the Future of Freedom Foundation has a great take on the conflicting visions that shaped America and the choice before us.

The growing shipping crisis is not the product of too little government oversight. Just the opposite, in fact. Peter C. Earle explains that to fix the shipping crisis, we should start by repealing the Jones Act.

It’s one thing to be passively carried along with the current and quite another to move with purpose. If you know in your gut that there is a need to stand up for what is true and good, then you have a duty to join the battle. Sheryl Collmer describes our current phoney war and how fate has placed you and me at this pivotal moment in human history.

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