2021 October 27 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Government administered public schools have been a key battleground for the soul of our society for many years. The gubernatorial race in Virginia is bringing to light one of the key flashpoints of public education in our time–should parents have a say in what their kids learn in school? Jack Elbaum has an excellent article on the matter.

I don’t remember exactly when my eyes were opened to the reality that government “solutions” have a tendency to create even more problems than they solve but it sure seems self-evident today. Thomas L. Knapp reminds us that political power is the problem, not the solution.

History shows that human nature has not changed over many thousands of years. Give a person enough power and there’s a high likelihood that he or she will abuse it. Dan Sanchez has a terrific essay about “The Ring of Impunity” and how so many of the people in power today don’t just crave power over others, they thrill at the prospect of getting away with abusing that power.

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