2021 October 21 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Few things can make life more productive and happier than learning to separate politics from most of your daily activities. Joakim Book has a marvelous essay on the route of (least) resistance and why our lives are too important to let them be ruled by political differences.

Consistency in our principles is an essential part of personal integrity. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to be consistent. For instance, how many people complain when the president tries forcing mandates via executive order but cheer when a governor does the same thing to prohibit those mandates? Judge Andrew Napolitano has a thought-provoking take on how edicts are not the same thing as laws, even when they favor our side in a particular battle.

There are times when being a quitter is a good thing. If you’ve found yourself feeling overwhelmed and hopeless from all the division we see around us, there’s a way to fix that. Maybe it’s time to quit putting so much emphasis on politics and start working on actually living as a good person instead.

Many of us remember the miraculous time when cochlear implants became a viable way to help the deaf hear. But did you know that certain groups of hearing impaired people fought these implants as being destructive of deaf culture? Steve Sailer explains what is meant by the grateful deaf.

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