2021 October 20 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The divisions that have been created by various COVID policies are very real. And while it’s tempting to see those with views opposite of ours as being evil or stupid, the reality is that most are simply afraid. Thomas Harrington has an excellent article on the frightened class and how they’ve bought into the fear being pumped at us around the clock.

Kendall Whiting from my sponsor Lifesaving Food joins me to share a letter he and other food storage distributers received from Readywise Food regarding price hikes and supply chain concerns. If there’s something you anticipate needing/wanting in the next year or so, now may be the time to get it.

Of all the battles being fought around us, the one in which each of us has a stake is the war that’s being waged against reality. Vasko Kohlmayer does a terrific job of describing the great struggle of our time and how we are being required to reject reality.

The term “enemy of the state” carries some pretty serious baggage. However, as Jeff Minnick explains, once you understand what the state is up to in regards to separating you from your natural rights, being labeled an enemy of the state should be a badge of honor.

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